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Welcome to “LegalEase and whatnots”, where I make legal easy. I’m attorney Jessica Woghiren at the JW law firm. I’m here to give you inside tips on what not to do if you’be been injured in a car accident. Do not take the first offer on the table. I know dealing with the insurance companies can be a very difficult process. Sometimes they may not even return your call in a timely fashion. Hoping to frustrate you so that you take the first offer. I understand it’s a traumatizing process and most people seek closure so they can move on with their lives. But sometimes what seems like enough money may only scratch the surface. Our clients are constantly shocked by how long it takes their injuries take to heal. Sometimes a sore pinkie may actually be a broken finger. At the JW law firm, we’ve negotiated with insurance companies in the metro Atlanta area and also nationwide. We know what to do to get the insurance companies to call back. We can get you at least three times the amount you would get on your own. For more information on what not to do if you’ve been injured in a car accident visit our website at the and contact us at 770-817-7624 for a free legal consultation. Thank you for watching legalease and whatnots.