Our Mission

At The JW Law Firm, we are committed to serving those in need and defending them when they are most vulnerable. We strive to protect our clients’ legal rights and interests under the full extent of the law.

Personal Injury

We represent clients who have been the victim of an auto, truck, or motorcycle accident. We also represent medical malpractice and slip and fall injury victims.

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We assist clients with various immigration matters. Whether you need a visa, are seeking citizenship, or facing deportation, we can help. We’ll keep you informed during the process and help you fill out the sometimes burdensome forms. The immigration process can be difficult, but you don’t have to go it alone.

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Criminal Defense

Everyone has the right to a fair trial. We represent people accused of traffic violations and misdemeanor offenses. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and that the punishment doesn’t always fit the crime. We are here to ensure you are treated fairly and will work to either reduce or dismiss the charges against you.

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