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Welcome to “legalease and whatnots”, where I make legal easy. I’m attorney Jessica Woghiren at the JW law firm. I’m here to give you inside tips on what not to do if you’ve been injured in a car accident. Do not worsen your injuries. You have a responsibility or duty to mitigate your injuries. This basically means not delaying treatment when you know you have an injury. For instance, if you delay treatment for an injury and go participate in a sport or strenuous activity, like playing basketball, you will probably have worsened your injury. The insurance company will only accept a percentage of liability and you may be stuck with surgical bills. Even if you do not have insurance most medical facilities will work with you on a lien basis which means they will not get paid until the case settles. The doctors at the emergency room are required to assist you regardless of your financial status. They will examine you from minor to severe injuries, from whiplash to a concussion, to internal bleeding. At the JW law firm we work with medical billing at various clinics to decrease your bill within reason. For more information on what not to do if you’ve been injured in a car accident visit our website at or you can contact us at 770-817-7624 for a free legal consultation. Thank you for watching legalease and whatnots.