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Welcome to “legalease and whatnots”, where I make legal easy. I’m attorney Jessica Woghiren at the JW law firm. I’m here to give you a tip on what not to do after you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor. It’s so easy to dismiss the severity of the misdemeanor charge and not take immediate action to address the situation. You did something irresponsible and got caught, charged and want to put the whole thing behind you. A misdemeanor charge even though it’s not a felony, can change the path of your life and livelihood. It could cause potential employers to eliminate your candidacy. Your work license may also be denied by a licensing board. In Georgia a misdemeanor offense may result in probation up to a year of county jail time, fines and restitution to the victim of the crime. A misdemeanor conviction will become part of your criminal record and will appear in background checks conducted for purposes such as employment, education, and receiving public benefits. Seeking legal counsel at the JW law firm could mean a complete dismissal of the charges or a negotiated plea deal for a conviction that may later be expunged. Alternatively, you could handle the case by yourself and face serious jail time, fines and constantly explain your mistake to every employer. Before you plea, call me at the JW law firm at 770-817-7624 and visit our website at