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Welcome to “legalease and whatnots”, where I make legal easy. I’m attorney Jessica Woghiren at the JW law firm. I’m here to give you inside tips on what not to do if you’ve been injured in a car accident. My first insight tip for you: do not assume the insurance company is waiting pen in hand ready to write you a check. You think the hardest part is trying to recuperate from the accident, it’s actually fighting the insurance company for a fair compensation. It will be a fight to determine who was at fault. It will be a fight to determine the extents of your injuries. It will even be a fight for them to give you enough money to cover your bills. For example just because the other driver received a ticket or citation does not mean the insurance company will readily accept the blame. Often times, the insurance company will try to frustrate you so that you settle for the bare minimum. They will use anything they can to drive the value of your case down. No pun intended. Do you know they will even use your social media pictures and posts against you? So be careful what you post after the accident. That’s why you need the JW law firm. An experienced law firm that knows the games the insurance companies like to play, but we play to win the game. A firm that will walk you through the process,and make sure you will not be cheated out of a higher settlement. Call us today for free consultation at 770-817-7624 Thank you for watching legalease and whatnots. For more tips on what not to do if you’ve been injured in a car accident, visit